maandag 27 januari 2014

Love the look... Belle of the Ball!

A petticoat with a thick woolen sweater, Louboutins and sunglasses. What a cute winter look! Picture source: unknown. 

zondag 26 januari 2014

10 (obvious) things everyone knows or should know about me.

 I love animals especially; dogs, cats, horses and donkeys. I really like alpaca's too. 
My style icons are Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo, Audrey Hepburn, Ivanka Trump, Blair Waldorf and Charlotte from SATC (even though these last two are fictional). 
 A few of my favorite inspiring blogs are Art 2.55, The College Prepster, Kelly in the City,, DesignDarling, Southern Curls and Pearls, Cupcakes and CashmereJSNY, A cup of JO, and Classy girls wear pearls
I have a passion for entrepreneurship and love meeting (young) entrepreneurs or ambitious people. 
Paris is my favorite city in the whole world. 
I collect art and antiques and don't even have room to put all the paintings/photo's we have on the walls. 
I hate violence against people and animals. I hate people being treated unequally because of their skincolor, their believes or their origin (i'm against all sorts of racism). 
I'm a perfectionist and I get unsecure in situations where i'm new (new job, a party with people i don't know, activities i've never done before) because then i'm not the best in doing whatever i have to do. Therefore i really hate playing games when i have never played that game before. 
Peonies, roses and hydrangea's are my favorite flowers. 
♥ I'm madly in love with my boyfriend. We've been together for three years and have been living together for 2,5 years now.

zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Love the look... Shorts & Shiny hair

'Caramel' blonde is my favorite haircolor! And offcourse I love this look; the shorts, crispy white blouse, Chanel (look) jacket and Ferragamo flats. Flawless. 

dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Become an entrepreneur. Just do it!

I love entrepreneurship. I love being creative and thinking of new (business) ideas. i love being succesful and I'm very ambitious. So, the desire to succeed is always there. Did you ever wanted to start your own company? Have you ever? Or are these future dreams? The boyfriend and I make and sell wooden dinner tables, for now as a hobby, cause we don't have enough time to make more! And as everyone probably already knows, i used to own my own company/website. What's your ambition? 

Picture came from the Ivanka Trumps' facebook page. Where else! 

maandag 13 januari 2014

A perfect combi of Miu Miu and Dior.

These loafers are so cute! They really look like a perfect combination between Miu Miu and Dior; girly, glamorous and comfy. What more can you ask for? 

Buy them from one of my secret adresses, all the way from France... But shtt, don't tell anyone! 

zondag 12 januari 2014


My favorite perfumes are Miss Dior Chèrie, Pink Sugar by a unknown brand (everybody knows this is 'me', my secret succes scent) and Blue II by Bvlgari. And I really really love Bvlgari Pour Home Soir for my boyfriend. I've worked for Bvlgari and used to have all of their perfumes at home; men, women and even the ones for kids! 
I always spray a little bit of perfume in my hair and on my scarf (and offcourse on my neck and wrists). That way you smell the fragrance all day! And the key is not to rub when you sprayed your wrists, or else you damage 'the fragrance notes'. What's your signature scent? 

vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Love the look... Simple, classic and elegant (less is more!).

Less is more! This blogger (Helena from is wearing very little accessories and perfect ton-sur-ton colors in beige and brown. I really like a dark blue jeans like this one, not bleached and a great fit. A classy and elegant look if you ask me. 

dinsdag 7 januari 2014

It´s all about having fun and dressing fabulous.

It's no secret I feel great in a dress, especially in one of my little black dresses. Dress beautifully to please yourself and feel special everyday. Frame your favorite (fashion)quotes just like these, to remind yourself about that. Or give them as a gift to your best friend! These are perfect to hang in your bedroom/walk-in closet or put them on a bookshelf next to your favorite books.

donderdag 2 januari 2014

Love the look... Miranda Kerr.

She had a lot of negative publicity for the last year, and actually i'm not sure if i really like here. But she definitely knows how to dress well and her make-up and hair are always flawless. What do you think?