dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Treasure hunt

We've been in France (Bourgogne) for the last few days. And despite all the rain, or perhaps because of, we've visited a few antique- and flea markets. Here are a few of our buys; an antique coffin used for sending items overseas, a white mirror, a beautiful bedspread with floral (roses) print and a portret of a young boy. These items will all be sold! For our new home, since we're probably moving in september, we bought an ancient chandelier in gold with crystals. 

Are you also looking for an unique addition to your interior? A (vintage) treasure or something antique? Keep an eye on our FB page for more updates! 

dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 4.

What are your happy things/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came accros on the internet.

- almost holiday
- uploading pictures on our (companies') FB page 
- making a shopping list for our company. Hopefully we'll find some nice things (antiques/vintage) in France
- road tripping to France, music on, delicious food, great company and ofcourse lots of water. Even our dog somehow loves beeing in the car. 
- thankfully a co-worker/friend took over my shift on saturday (09 aug.) because I have a wedding to attend:)

The White Dress

I've featured a blue and red dress this month. So eventually I had to do a white dress as well. This one is really beautiful and feminine. You can wear it to the office, just make sure you wear a nice cardigan or blazer and not to festive heels. To a party or dinner you can combine it with whatever you like, that's what makes a dress like this so versatile. Color blocking heels, plain black or a pair of nudes. It's all possible! Just don't wear it to a wedding;)
Buy the dress here. 

dinsdag 15 juli 2014

Ultimate red dress (stop staring;)

It's not that hard to find a perfect red dress, obviously! I love this one, worn by Carmen Elektra, Nigella Lawson and Caro Emerald. Doesn't that scream 'bombshell dress'? The brand is called 'Stop Staring' which makes it even more clear; this is a head turner show stopper or whatever you want to call it. 
The price is a little high, but for me it's a dress i would love to be saving up for (it might be a perfect birthday dress, even though my birthday isn't until december). 
Buy the dress here (USD) or have a look here (EUR) for even more pictures (also of the previously mentioned stars wearing this dress). 

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 3.

What are your happy thing/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came accros on the internet.

- having my brother over for dinner
- got a beautiful dress as a gift from my mommy 
- walking the dog in the sun 
- ice coffee! 
- the facebook page of our company :) 
- having fun with my boyfriend, as always 

maandag 7 juli 2014


Deep dark blue, what a beautiful classy color for a dress like this! They sell it in black as well, but honestly I thought that one is kind of boring. Hopefully this dress will come in one of these days (obviously I ordered it already), I'm very curious if it's just as pretty in real life. I'm looking forward to styling it with different shoes and accessories and I might be wearing it to a wedding.

donderdag 3 juli 2014

The English Roses

What do you guys think of our new logo? My boyfriend and I just started our (new) company. We make and sell wooden tables in 'Queen Ann' style (here and here). Besides that style we really like the classic 'English style' from Burberry trench coats to Laura Ashley pillows. And with my love for peonies we just had to pick 'The English Roses' as the name for our company. 
Our logo was created thanks to www.brandsupply.nl were you can create a competition for designers (from logos to websites). The best part of creating a competition like that is you get a lot of entries and different styles. Way more than when you just hire 1 design agency. 

We really like a soft and romantic kind of style, classic style furniture, lots of white and a few touches of soft pink. Hopefully our company will grow a lot in the future because we would love to expand our (future) shop with re-done vintage furniture and small romantic home accessoiries.