donderdag 26 februari 2015

Spring/Summer Wardrobe wishlist.

embellished sandals ♥ polo dress in marine blue (see prev. post) ♥ polo dress in hot pink ♥ anything seersucker (skirt/dress/shorts) ♥ low converse all stars in white ♥ little black dress ♥ little white dress ♥ pearls dark marine blue trenchcoat jeans jacket ♥  silk scarves ♥  comfy loafers in gold or silver ♥ floral 50's/60's inspired dress ♥ maxi dresses ♥ summer (lace) wedges ♥ anything with anchor/lobster/sailboat-prints ♥ cute bikinis or a classy bathing suit ♥ 
  • Dior 'Escale à Portofino' sunglasses ♥  cardigans ♥ breton striped shirt ♥ and/or blue and white striped dress ♥ sperry boat shoes ♥ sunscreen ♥ umbrella & rain boots ♥ flat espadrilles ♥ 

p.s. the items listed in pink are the ones I already have in my wardrobe. I have a few black dresses but these are all a little worn out, so my wardrobe could use a bit of an update on that department ;-)

Polo dress

Classic & preppy. This 'polo dress' is on my wishlist for this spring/summer. I really like this 'hot' pink color but a dark marine blue is also perfect for different occasions. I could easily wear these dresses to work (because they're long enough), on holiday or when going shopping.
What color would you like? There are too many to choose from! Buy them here.

vrijdag 13 februari 2015

If I were a celebrity ....

♥ I would hire a personal trainer  and hairdresser  I would develop my own perfume(s), I really like the scent of caramel, vanille, roses and cotton candy (so it would be a very sweet and girly perfume)  I wouldn't mind beeing the face (or actually feet) of Pretty Ballerinas  and would love to have a stylish little handbag named after me  I would be the ambassador/ spokesperson of different charities  I would buy my red-carpet dress if I really loved it (they're usually borrowed)  ♥ I would share my wealth  and all the free products I got send ♥ I would love to wear my favorite brands more often  creating my own clothing line (dresses ofcourse)  and making sure I can speak multiple languages, I mean I'd probably get invited everywhere and have to talk to the press  I would know what happens in the world and use my voice and knowledge to be a great role model ♥ 

Actually, I wouldn't be that different! I would still be with my lovely boyfriend, I would still love my sweet pets, I won't be the party animal you see with a bottle of booze in her hand, dancing on a table, I would probably still keep on blogging as an creative outlet ;-)

What would you do? And why would you become famous (acting, singing, politics)? 

dinsdag 10 februari 2015

Perfect boots

If you've been following my blog for a (little) while now, you probably have seen a few of these sort of boots. I love them! I think suede overknee boots are so classic, elegant and timeless. I have seen boots like these worn by Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo, which also says enough when it comes to great style ;-)
I definately wouldn't mind beeing the face (or feet actually) of a brand like Pretty Ballerinas which also has amazing ballerinas (obviously) and loafers. 
Buy them here. 

donderdag 5 februari 2015

'Tweed' jacket

Since my last few blogposts (for example, this one) I've been looking around the internet for beautiful (affordable) tweed jackets. Doesn't these look perfect? Combine them with a little black dress or white dress or just with a simple tee and beautiful dark denim jeans. 
Buy them here & here.

dinsdag 3 februari 2015

Arabesque Vocal Version (performed by Micatone)

Happy tuesday! Another day of the week that hopefully started of great. Not? Well, here's another change.
Have a great day (and enjoy the music)! 

maandag 2 februari 2015

Minimalist wardrobe.

I'm really into minimalism when it comes to my wardrobe. Well, at least I have been for the past month. That means cleaning/purging my closet, throwing away anything that's stained or got holes (and haven't been repared in the last 6 months), donating and/or selling items i don't wear. 
These videos are super inspiring! Will you start this challenge with me? 

'Minimalist wardrobe' -rules:
- Purge: throw away, sell, donate.
- Make a list of items you actually need in addition to your wardrobe. This includes basics like lingerie, socks and work-out gear but maybe you also need a dress for special occasions? Stick to the list when you go shopping and don't buy (too many;-) things you don't need! 
- In with something new? See if there's anything older or unwanted in your wardrobe you can get rid of.
- When buying new clothes, try to stick to pieces that work together. Can you incorporate this item in your existing wardrobe or do you need to buy another t'shirts, skirt, jacket etc. with it? The only exception to this is 'dresses'. They can be wearable (statement) pieces on their own.
- Trends are just trends. You don't need something just because it is hot right now! Especially when it doesn't go with your overall-style.
- Try to invest in classic, timeless pieces from great quality. 
- keep your closet clean and tidy. Try using the same hangers for all your items, and/or buy nice storage boxes (for lingerie, winter/summer wear or socks). 
- Clean your shoes before putting them back in your closet or in shoe boxes.
- Don't hold on to items which are too small/ too big or that you don't actually like wearing. Your wardrobe should make you feel GOOD and make you happy with the way you look!!!

Watch this video by Youtuber Carrie LeighAnna:

And also, I really like these ones by LightbyCoco:

Have you ever tried to incorporate these concepts (minimalism + capsule wardrobe) into your wardrobe? Or how do you 'build' or maintain your wardrobe? 
Do you have any other rules, tips or trics to include to Minimalist-wardrobe rules? Please let me know, i'm curious and still a little new to these concepts. One of my 101-in 1001 days- items is to create a 'timeless and elegant' wardrobe, so let's give it a try! :-)