dinsdag 27 mei 2014

Dream house (always)

I've posted a 'dream house' before, but here's my ultimate dream house! It has been for sale for quite some time now and always when we drive by the house I keep dreaming of buying it one day. It's a monumental villa from 1915 (but has been renovated/updated a few times over the years, ofcourse) with a huge and gorgeous garden (english and french rose-garden in the back). With only 4 bedrooms it is not too big, but just right for us;-)
What does your ultimate dream house looks like? And in what city should it be? I'd love to live in Paris as well, in a Hausmann-style appartment (New York would be ok too). 

vrijdag 23 mei 2014

donderdag 22 mei 2014


I love these chairs in our home! We bought them 1,5jr ago at a vintage store near Antwerp. I have no clue whether they are antiques but they are really beautiful, I like they old-pink upholstery. I've wanted to paint the frame (more white or even gold), but maybe I won't. 

What do you think about our chess-table? We got that one as a present from my parents-in-law. And what about that 'vase'? That's an old champagne-cooler by Piper-Heidsieck (estimated 50jrs old) wich my sweet sweet brother gave us. I think champagne-cooler makes the coolest vases! 

dinsdag 20 mei 2014

Are you materialistic?

Last week I was in France with my boyfriend and dog. Such a lovely week and great to see my parents-in-law again. We haven't seen them in 3 months, only through skype! 
The last evening we were there we argued (although arguing is a big word) about things you get attached to. I don't get attached easily to material stuff such as clothing, furniture etc. But it made me think, what do I really want to take with my in case of an emergency? Of course my BF in the first place and the dog and cat. 
But purely hypothetical, what do you really love in your house and would you always (try to) take with you?
Here is my list:
- Gold ring I got from my parents when I turned eighteen 
- The 'book' my BF made with all our text messages from the first year we've been dating 
- The Audrey Hepburn painting/art work I got from my BF 
- My antique desk with the marble top
And this is were it stops, I can't say I'm very materialistic. I really like (love!) my interior and clothing/shoes/handbags/music collection, but it's all insured and replaceable. I do have some special items (vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton) and a lot of artwork and antiques. But the most important things in my life aren't 'things'... 

Sunny Days

Source: Tumbler, original sourse unknown. 

How amazing does this look? Beautiful colors and delicious fresh fruit (and such a cute straw), perfect for a sunny day! Have a lovely day, enjoy! 

vrijdag 9 mei 2014

My Classic Wardrobe, Peeptoe pumps

Personally I love peeptoes! I think they're so elegant and perfect for spring/summer or even fall (with some nice tights). A nude color elongates your legs, and is perfect when your dress (or hair or make-up) is the real attention-drawer. Black peeptoes are a classic go-to item in your wardrobe. Party appropriate, diner appropriate and even perfect for work or running errands. Especially when they fit perfectly and are comfortable.

Guess is one of my favorite brands when it comes to high heels. They are comfortable and timeless. So these are, offcourse, on my wishlist:
'Guess Angela' Nude via Zalando.nl. 
Black via zalando.nl (this one is even on sale right now!).

Princess on a budget

          Princess on a budget

dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Let's talk make-up

One of my best friends is a make-up artist and I've been her model many times. And since I did a little bit of modelling +hostesswork for an agency and used to work for Blvgari parfum (in different luxury stores) I know a little about make-up. But I have to say, I'm very lazy when it comes to make-up! I hardly ever try something new and never even did a wing eyeliner or a smokey eye to a party (i tried a few times in the comfort of my own home and then took it off before I went out the door;)! 
I like a good concealer, foundation (or even better BB/CC creme), blush, mascara and eyebrow pencil and maybe a little eyeshadow and lipgloss. I'm all about the basics as you can see! 
I know what a primer is, I know what eyeshadow base is, I know how to apply fake lashes but like I said before... lazy;) But here's a promise to you and a new resolution for me, i'm going to try more. I'm going to be that girl with impeccable make-up and a new nailcolor every week. Well, maybe not every week. Let's start with... once a month? 

What does your signature 'make-up look' looks like (and what products do you use)? Is there anything new you've tried recently and just loved? I'm definately going to try this: 

I love this video by Youtube guru and make-up artist Lauren Curtis. Such a great make-up, maybe a little bit within my comfort-zone but great for everyday (without the lashes) or parties. She also has a great video about eyebrows and eyelashes. 

maandag 5 mei 2014

Sperry Top-Sider

Have you heard about this brand? It's all about the classic boat shoe (with a twist). Since 1935 Paul Sperry designed 'the boat shoe', and now the brand brings out new designs/colors/print regularly. 
I first discovered Sperry Top-Sider trough my favorite bloggers The College Prepster and Design Darling, they did this amazing campaign/photoshoot with lots of pretty sights and preppy outfits. Just the way I like it! 
So, I've been eyeing this shoe for a few weeks and decided I wanted the classic model in a soft pink. And guess what, I happen to found that one on sale (because it was the last pair, in the color I wanted and exactly my size) this saturday, meant to be?!
Here's my pair:

And I love these as well: 

Ofcourse there are so many more on their website, so go have fun shopping for your hubby/baby or all for yourself! 

zondag 4 mei 2014

Dress(es) like a Royalty!

Have you enjoyed all of Kate Middletons' fashion looks from the past Australia/ New Zealand tour (and offcourse her adorable baby and husband)? I for sure did! She truly is a style icon, so graceful and beautiful. 
If you like to dress like a royalty as well, here's a list of items things you should consider:
- dresses should not be too short (knee or small inches above is perfect) and not too long unless you're going to a gala/charity/premiere etc.;
- know what colors suit you and try not to use too many colors in one outfit (colour blocking is not for us royals);
- every girl should one a few gorgeous shift dresses or wrap dresses, a pair of nude pumps, a simple striped shirt, some summer wedges and a dark blue jeans;
- if you know what your perfect make-up look is, you can stick to that. But always make sure your hair matches your outfit (updo's to special events) and is shiny and healthy;
- better too matchy-matchy than mix & match different styles in to one outfit. Only one print should draw the attention;
- know your dresscodes and show respect with your outfit (and attitude). Skull prints or mini-skirts are a big no no. 
- offcourse you do not have to spend millions, after all Kate wears Zara or vintage as well! 
This dress would be perfect with a purple cardigan (cashmere?) or a blazer that matches the beige/creme. 
I heard you're actually not alowed to wear open toe shoes to any royal event (or in any palace) but they do match the dress perfectly. Princess Kate wears open toe wedges, so it seems ok to deviate from this rule.