zondag 22 juni 2014

All about the shoes!

I've told you before about my shopping trip to Roermond Outlet Centre. These are the beautiful shoes i've bought by Baldinini, Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss. The Baldinini' pair is made of real Python-leather, so exotic:) The Armani' pair is very light lavender and has a snake skin look but is just plain leather (with a huge black bow to spice it up). The Hugo Boss pair is a patent-nude leather platform pump with a small peeptoe. It's a model I've been wanting for a long time now (see this blogpost for example) because it is great basic item and perfect addition to my shoe collection. Which one is your favorite? 

woensdag 18 juni 2014

White noise

Wohoo I like this song, makes me feel like i'm on the catwalk again. Such a great song for a fashionshow, or roadtrip or party or or or... 

dinsdag 17 juni 2014


(Source: theinspiringquotes, via http://cubiclerefugee.tumblr.com/) 

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 2.

This last week was pretty busy and the next (few) week(s) will be really busy as well! What are your happy thing/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift) accomplished or just came accros on the internet.

- Watching soccer, oh my god what a game (5-1!!) 
- Shopping, big time! I received a giftcard of €450 thanks to Vogue NL and McArthur Glen Outlet. That money got (wisely) spend on beautiful shoes from Armani, Hugo Boss and Baldinini. Oh and I bought a jeans and shirt by Ralph Lauren too, girls' gotta have some basics;) 
- Lemon and licorice ice, seems like a strange combination but it's soooo good 
- we started a design competition for our logo
- Knokke Beach with my boyfriend, parents and dog

maandag 9 juni 2014

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 1.

What have you been up to these past couple of days? I enjoyed the warm weather and sun and had a couple of days off (which was just perfect). 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift) accomplished or just came accros on the internet.
- Dinner with lovely friends as a celebration for a friend getting his degree/diploma 
- We visited the 'Meimarkt' (a huge flea market) that started saturday night(!) and finished sunday afternoon. We bought two chairs and a couple of bone-china cups and saucers (with roses). 
- BBQ at home with friends
- outdoor lunch near the water, such a lovely view 
- walking the dog 
- the big bunch of peonies I got from my boyfriend
- trying the limited edition by Magnum (Silver! with Champagne!) 

This post was inspired by www.artikel255.nl.

Polyvore favorites. Part 2.

Come get it bae!

Let's dance 'till the sun goes down. Enjoy your day! 

What are you going to do today? My boyfriend and I are going for a swim (it's so hot outside) and then we have friends coming over for a bbq. But since the weather might get really bad, thunder and rain are predicted, I'm getting all the ingredients for a plan B -lasagne-  as well;)