dinsdag 30 september 2014

Fall happy list

❤ Our (new) home ❤ New cardigans (wool) ❤ Dinners with family/friends and showing our new house ❤ Going to Italy with our friends in november ❤ Crafting with my mom ❤ Everything nearby (supermarkets, shops, my work), this makes me happy, especially when it is raining ❤ Almost Holiday-season ❤ Scented candles (vanilla!, Roses!) ❤ Organizing our home and administration ❤ Getting money back from our taxes (yes!) ❤ Making plans for next years vacation-trips ❤ Sunshine New Evian-limited Edition Bottle by Kenzo ❤  Selling our handmade furniture Chocolat ❤ Reading my favorite blogs ❤  Searching for new (winter)boots ❤ Crispy clean bedsheets ❤ Soups and smoothies ❤ Home decor ❤ Our favorite tv-shows start again  Fall ❤ 

dinsdag 23 september 2014

What have you been up to lately?

I'm sorry for the lack of updates and blogposts! It has been kind of busy around here with work, moving and lots of birthdays. My dad, mom, brother all have their birthdays within this month! And Stefan's parents are coming back from France to live here again for a few months. And offcourse we've been showing the house and throwing dinners for our friends:-) But thats all good!
Enough with the excuses. I really like the fact we had so many friends (and family) over for dinners and drinks, especially since this was one of the items on my 101 list (nr. 9 to be exact). 

What have you been up to lately? 

vrijdag 12 september 2014

Hard out here!

I love this song by Lilly Allens' latest album so much that we've picked up the album in store yesterday. So far, fan of this song, 'URL Batman' and 'As long as I got you' but i've only listened to the album once. 

The lyrics of 'hard out here' are actually pretty great and should be on any powerblonde' & ambitious brunettes' playlist. There's a glass ceiling to break, there's money to make! 

dinsdag 9 september 2014

Get your entrepreneurial inspiration from a movie!

Since I love entrepreneurship (and already have my third company), I can say pretty much I'm an ambassador for entrepreneurship.
I get a lot of questions from people on how to be an entrepreneur or how to start your own company. And honestly, I can give you all the advice from my experiences but first things first: You have to be creative! I can give you lots of ideas but if you're not creative you'll probably never start and never be successful.
If you need a little bit of inspiration or just want to feel the vibe of the fast life and feel like you could achieve anything, you have to watch these movies!

- Limitless
I love limitless! This movie makes me feel like I should try to achieve more, do more and be more ambitious. Not so good to watch if you're feeling a bit down maybe.
- The Devil wears Prada
How to make it in the (cruel) fashion world plus bonus for the music and wardrobe(s)! 
- The Social Network
Speaks for itself! 
- The Wolf of Wallstreet
Get rich or die tryin'. Even though I'm a big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio I didn't really like this movie. I felt like it was over the top, too hard and vulgair but still it could be inspiring.
- Catch me if you can
I know he was a criminal but what an intelligent kid, right?! And again, Leonardo Dicaprio ;-)
- Sunshine cleaning
Sometimes the dirtiest jobs can pay off. Every idea can be great, just do something with it. 
- The secret of my succes
We all have to start at the bottom. I know this movie is a little bit dated/old but I used to really like it and watch it as a kid with my dad. 
- Working girl
Sometimes you just have to be tough! 
- Jobs
I kind of hated the character of Steve Jobs, what a mean man (at least it seems so in the movie). But he's an great entrepreneur and the lesson to learn is you can't keep everyone as your friend, even though I don't think I could ever betray a friend like that. 
- Suits
Not a movie, but a great tv-show. Great on tips for negotiations, great to not forget to get your contracts checked out by and expert (before signing). And ofcourse, Rachel Zane's wardrobe.
- Million Dollar Listing NYC 
I loved this show as well! The realtors show you around in beautiful NYC. Who doesn't want to learn how to negotiate like that? Or how to throw an open house a.k.a. PARTY?! And I love to dream of owning an appartement or townhouse in NYC one day. 
- Pregnant in Heels. 
The title may fool you. But follow Rosie Pope around New York (again:-) and you'll find out she's an great entrepreneur plus she's cute and knows how to act and dress in different occassions (great on etiquette). 

I know there are so many more! Limitless, Suits and Million Dollar Listing NYC are my favorites. What are yours?