dinsdag 30 september 2014

Fall happy list

❤ Our (new) home ❤ New cardigans (wool) ❤ Dinners with family/friends and showing our new house ❤ Going to Italy with our friends in november ❤ Crafting with my mom ❤ Everything nearby (supermarkets, shops, my work), this makes me happy, especially when it is raining ❤ Almost Holiday-season ❤ Scented candles (vanilla!, Roses!) ❤ Organizing our home and administration ❤ Getting money back from our taxes (yes!) ❤ Making plans for next years vacation-trips ❤ Sunshine New Evian-limited Edition Bottle by Kenzo ❤  Selling our handmade furniture Chocolat ❤ Reading my favorite blogs ❤  Searching for new (winter)boots ❤ Crispy clean bedsheets ❤ Soups and smoothies ❤ Home decor ❤ Our favorite tv-shows start again  Fall ❤ 

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