dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

I ❤ blogging

creative outlet❤ a whole website filled with things that I like and love ❤ writing ❤ browsing through webshops ❤ getting inspiration from others ❤ learning from articles and DIY's ❤ updating my knowledge ❤ great when I'm bored at work ❤ beeing productive  reading other blogs and beeing updatet with everything from political news to trends/fashion❤ working from home ❤ getting to know other bloggers ❤ fun ❤ beeing able to promote my favorites from restaurants in Paris to budget-friendly dresses to friends/family/followers ❤ seeing people reading and liking the articles I wrote ❤ getting a sweet response or compliment ❤ interaction ❤ sharing my passion  having (and developing) my own style❤ seeing my blog and number of followers grow ❤ online and personal scrapbook  sharing my opinion and personal thoughts ❤ working on my writing skills ❤ no obligations; having a writers block? Tomorrow is a new day ❤ 

Chunky pearls

A necklace like this is always good; in the winter with a knitted sweater and in the summer on a simple (black) dress or t-shirt. So, let's put this one on the wishlist for the holidays. 
Especially with a friendly price like this :-)

zondag 26 oktober 2014

Which one?

I can't really decide on my wintercoat. I already have a 'jacket' but I usually mostly wear a more classic coat which I can easily combine with dresses or skirts.
These are two within my budget and I like them both. They're both made out of wool, black and have a removable (faux) fur collar. Which one would you choose, and why? 

maandag 20 oktober 2014

woensdag 15 oktober 2014

Dear future husband!

Meghan Trainor - Dear future husband

Just like that other song ('All about that base'), there's that really cute 50's vibe! I love it, such a fun song. Never heard of the singer before but I'm sure that is going to change real soon:-) 

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 6.

What are your happy things/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came across on the internet. 

- the new gorgeous dog-bed we've bought
- taxes for our company (which makes me happy because we're doing great;)
- getting taxes back!
- Ritter Sport chocolat. I'm in love with the butter biscuit one. But the box with minis is even more perfect because you get to taste a few. I'm very curious for the new flavours (like, caramelised almonds?!!!)! 
- discovering new blogs thanks to Bloglovin'. Do you already have an account? Let's follow each other:-)
- chervil/chicken soup. So oldschool and so yummy (and healthy).
- You thought you were organized? Wait till you've seen this ('the most organized home in America'). Might seem a little bit over the top but it gave me some great storage inspiration. 

zondag 12 oktober 2014

The English Roses -update: Plant Trees!

We've decided for our company (since we work with wood) to donate a new tree for every sold table! How awesome is that, if I may say so myself;)
We are working together with 'Trees for All' to invest in a better world and to be less polluting as a company. We've signed a contract for three years, which will hopefully mean we sell a lot of tables and therefore plant a lot of trees! Ofcourse we use wood that has and 'FSC' or other label, what means the wood is harvested without damaging the forest.

What would you do, or what does your company do, to contribute to a better and sustainable world?
For more info about The English Roses and the products we make/sell, go to: www.englishroses.nl.