vrijdag 19 december 2014


It's been raining cats and dogs *wink* these last days. Even our dog hates going outside when it rains, so we've just been rushing back home everytime. Thankfully we have a very cosy home! I think that's partially interior but even more it depends on the atmosphere. Like we have a very warm (litterally, our home gets warm really fast and easily), loving family/home with pets. Do you have pets? Do you think they 'add' something special (pure loooove, well and lots of stuff;-) ) to your home? 

donderdag 18 december 2014

Stonehearst Asylum

Bizar but really fun movie about a mental institution and it's 'doctors'. Have you ever watched this movie? I've seen it with my boyfriend a couple of days ago and we were pleasantly surprised! Maybe even better to not watch the trailer and just be surprised :-) 

dinsdag 16 december 2014

This or that?

I'd really like to wear a red dress for my birthday or NYE? What do you think of these two? They're both by Morgan de Toi and I've found them at Zalando.nl. Which one do you prefer? The colors and fabrics are slightly different. 

zaterdag 13 december 2014

The English Roses (Happy Costumers)

We've sold another one of our beautifully handmade-tables. Here's a picture we've received from a happy costumer. Don't you love it?
Two more dinner-tables are already ordered for jan. 2015!

zondag 30 november 2014

Herenpantoffel (mens' slipper) -Ted Baker

Here's something that is on the top of my boyfriends wishlist; these super pretty and comfortable slippers! Unfortunately they're sold out (at the moment) in his size. 
What do you think? 

dinsdag 18 november 2014

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 8.

What are your happy things/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came across on the internet. 

- flying to Italy to our friends tomorrow! 
- Any Disney fans? You would love this Belle & the Beast tea-set and this quiz.  
- our beloved fur-babies are well taken care of by Stefans' parents. 
- new luggage set
- let's start the hunt for a new winter-coat. The ones by Zalando (see older post) weren't all that pretty in real life :-(
 can't wait for all the Italian food. I love pasta!
- So pretty, this DIY. Have fun! 

vrijdag 7 november 2014

Winter movies

Since winter has definately made his (or her) entrance for this year - I mean it's really cold today!- it is that time to snuggle up under a blanket, light some candles and watch all of our favorite winter movies again. And there are a lot of favorites here!
Since I'm not always a fan of romantic-comedies, and because I usually watch movies together with my boyfriend these movies are probably not best for the weak-hearted. 
So, here's a list (per theme) with our favorite-when-it-gets-cold-and-dark-outside movies;
Fantasy/ adventure
- 'Lord of the rings' and 'The Hobbit'. Hours of watching and waiting for part three of The Hobbit! 
- Harry Potter.

Disney/ animation
- Frozen 
- Ice age
- Corpse bride 

Action/ war & drama
- The Bourne-series. 
- Four brothers 
- Defiance 
- The way back 
- Oorlogswinter
- The day after tomorrow 
- Zwartboek 
- Pride & Glory

- Love Actually
- New years eve 

What are your favorite winter movies? Let me know, i'm really curious! 

Chic pearl earrings

I usually wear studs or pearl earrings, just because they're always classy and go with everything. Yesterday one of my pearl earrings broke so I'm on the hunt for a new pair. These are a little bit different but oh so chic (and yet very affordable)!

woensdag 5 november 2014

Sleepy kitty ♥

It's only fair to feature both of our 'babies' right?! Funny enough, cat 'Fleurtje' was sleeping in the same chair today. It seems that they really love our living room and both like to sleep in the same places (which is either the dog bed or the chair). How sweet does she look? I love my fur-cuties! 

dinsdag 4 november 2014

Sleepy dog ♥

And to end this day, a cute picture of our very spoiled sleepy little girl Saartje.
Happy tuesday! 

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 7.

What are your happy things/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came across on the internet. 

- New Chanel lipgloss (Petit Pêche)
- We've booked or vacation to Italy. We're staying there with friends in Tuscany and one day & night in Pisa. Any recommendations for Pisa? Besides the Tower ;-)
- a clean house 
- going kickboxing again tonight
- Smart travel and Hotel essentials via beautylab.nl
- baking and decorating cake pops
- having friends over for dinner 

maandag 3 november 2014


It's monday. 
A new week to begin.
New adventures and opportunities. 
Count your blessings and create some happy new memories.
Prepare your mind.
Expand your vision.
Live. Love. Laugh. 

Happy monday to all of you! 

zaterdag 1 november 2014


While I always buy some great quality suede overknees for the winter, they seem to be the trend this year. I fell in love with this pair from Guess. Guess is such a great brand when it comes to shoes, they're super comfortable (I've had boots, pumps and sneakers by this brand). I'm not really a fan of the bags and clothing in their collection but somehow the pumps and boots have a more classic appearance. 

dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

I ❤ blogging

creative outlet❤ a whole website filled with things that I like and love ❤ writing ❤ browsing through webshops ❤ getting inspiration from others ❤ learning from articles and DIY's ❤ updating my knowledge ❤ great when I'm bored at work ❤ beeing productive  reading other blogs and beeing updatet with everything from political news to trends/fashion❤ working from home ❤ getting to know other bloggers ❤ fun ❤ beeing able to promote my favorites from restaurants in Paris to budget-friendly dresses to friends/family/followers ❤ seeing people reading and liking the articles I wrote ❤ getting a sweet response or compliment ❤ interaction ❤ sharing my passion  having (and developing) my own style❤ seeing my blog and number of followers grow ❤ online and personal scrapbook  sharing my opinion and personal thoughts ❤ working on my writing skills ❤ no obligations; having a writers block? Tomorrow is a new day ❤ 

Chunky pearls

A necklace like this is always good; in the winter with a knitted sweater and in the summer on a simple (black) dress or t-shirt. So, let's put this one on the wishlist for the holidays. 
Especially with a friendly price like this :-)

zondag 26 oktober 2014

Which one?

I can't really decide on my wintercoat. I already have a 'jacket' but I usually mostly wear a more classic coat which I can easily combine with dresses or skirts.
These are two within my budget and I like them both. They're both made out of wool, black and have a removable (faux) fur collar. Which one would you choose, and why? 

maandag 20 oktober 2014

woensdag 15 oktober 2014

Dear future husband!

Meghan Trainor - Dear future husband

Just like that other song ('All about that base'), there's that really cute 50's vibe! I love it, such a fun song. Never heard of the singer before but I'm sure that is going to change real soon:-) 

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 6.

What are your happy things/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came across on the internet. 

- the new gorgeous dog-bed we've bought
- taxes for our company (which makes me happy because we're doing great;)
- getting taxes back!
- Ritter Sport chocolat. I'm in love with the butter biscuit one. But the box with minis is even more perfect because you get to taste a few. I'm very curious for the new flavours (like, caramelised almonds?!!!)! 
- discovering new blogs thanks to Bloglovin'. Do you already have an account? Let's follow each other:-)
- chervil/chicken soup. So oldschool and so yummy (and healthy).
- You thought you were organized? Wait till you've seen this ('the most organized home in America'). Might seem a little bit over the top but it gave me some great storage inspiration. 

zondag 12 oktober 2014

The English Roses -update: Plant Trees!

We've decided for our company (since we work with wood) to donate a new tree for every sold table! How awesome is that, if I may say so myself;)
We are working together with 'Trees for All' to invest in a better world and to be less polluting as a company. We've signed a contract for three years, which will hopefully mean we sell a lot of tables and therefore plant a lot of trees! Ofcourse we use wood that has and 'FSC' or other label, what means the wood is harvested without damaging the forest.

What would you do, or what does your company do, to contribute to a better and sustainable world?
For more info about The English Roses and the products we make/sell, go to: www.englishroses.nl. 

dinsdag 30 september 2014

Fall happy list

❤ Our (new) home ❤ New cardigans (wool) ❤ Dinners with family/friends and showing our new house ❤ Going to Italy with our friends in november ❤ Crafting with my mom ❤ Everything nearby (supermarkets, shops, my work), this makes me happy, especially when it is raining ❤ Almost Holiday-season ❤ Scented candles (vanilla!, Roses!) ❤ Organizing our home and administration ❤ Getting money back from our taxes (yes!) ❤ Making plans for next years vacation-trips ❤ Sunshine New Evian-limited Edition Bottle by Kenzo ❤  Selling our handmade furniture Chocolat ❤ Reading my favorite blogs ❤  Searching for new (winter)boots ❤ Crispy clean bedsheets ❤ Soups and smoothies ❤ Home decor ❤ Our favorite tv-shows start again  Fall ❤ 

dinsdag 23 september 2014

What have you been up to lately?

I'm sorry for the lack of updates and blogposts! It has been kind of busy around here with work, moving and lots of birthdays. My dad, mom, brother all have their birthdays within this month! And Stefan's parents are coming back from France to live here again for a few months. And offcourse we've been showing the house and throwing dinners for our friends:-) But thats all good!
Enough with the excuses. I really like the fact we had so many friends (and family) over for dinners and drinks, especially since this was one of the items on my 101 list (nr. 9 to be exact). 

What have you been up to lately? 

vrijdag 12 september 2014

Hard out here!

I love this song by Lilly Allens' latest album so much that we've picked up the album in store yesterday. So far, fan of this song, 'URL Batman' and 'As long as I got you' but i've only listened to the album once. 

The lyrics of 'hard out here' are actually pretty great and should be on any powerblonde' & ambitious brunettes' playlist. There's a glass ceiling to break, there's money to make! 

dinsdag 9 september 2014

Get your entrepreneurial inspiration from a movie!

Since I love entrepreneurship (and already have my third company), I can say pretty much I'm an ambassador for entrepreneurship.
I get a lot of questions from people on how to be an entrepreneur or how to start your own company. And honestly, I can give you all the advice from my experiences but first things first: You have to be creative! I can give you lots of ideas but if you're not creative you'll probably never start and never be successful.
If you need a little bit of inspiration or just want to feel the vibe of the fast life and feel like you could achieve anything, you have to watch these movies!

- Limitless
I love limitless! This movie makes me feel like I should try to achieve more, do more and be more ambitious. Not so good to watch if you're feeling a bit down maybe.
- The Devil wears Prada
How to make it in the (cruel) fashion world plus bonus for the music and wardrobe(s)! 
- The Social Network
Speaks for itself! 
- The Wolf of Wallstreet
Get rich or die tryin'. Even though I'm a big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio I didn't really like this movie. I felt like it was over the top, too hard and vulgair but still it could be inspiring.
- Catch me if you can
I know he was a criminal but what an intelligent kid, right?! And again, Leonardo Dicaprio ;-)
- Sunshine cleaning
Sometimes the dirtiest jobs can pay off. Every idea can be great, just do something with it. 
- The secret of my succes
We all have to start at the bottom. I know this movie is a little bit dated/old but I used to really like it and watch it as a kid with my dad. 
- Working girl
Sometimes you just have to be tough! 
- Jobs
I kind of hated the character of Steve Jobs, what a mean man (at least it seems so in the movie). But he's an great entrepreneur and the lesson to learn is you can't keep everyone as your friend, even though I don't think I could ever betray a friend like that. 
- Suits
Not a movie, but a great tv-show. Great on tips for negotiations, great to not forget to get your contracts checked out by and expert (before signing). And ofcourse, Rachel Zane's wardrobe.
- Million Dollar Listing NYC 
I loved this show as well! The realtors show you around in beautiful NYC. Who doesn't want to learn how to negotiate like that? Or how to throw an open house a.k.a. PARTY?! And I love to dream of owning an appartement or townhouse in NYC one day. 
- Pregnant in Heels. 
The title may fool you. But follow Rosie Pope around New York (again:-) and you'll find out she's an great entrepreneur plus she's cute and knows how to act and dress in different occassions (great on etiquette). 

I know there are so many more! Limitless, Suits and Million Dollar Listing NYC are my favorites. What are yours? 

vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

Follow Friday... The Classy Cubicle

Can you say 'hi there new style-icon'? That's what I did after finding this tumbler adress. What a beautiful girl and what gorgeous outfits (!) and all totally office-appropriate (that's also her motto). See, that's what I like! 
It's not that hard too look good in a red-carpet dress, but how about an outfit that you can actually wear in your day-to-day (working) life? It doesn't always have to be the highest heels (I'm blaming you SATC, The City, and Suits). 
Get inspired by Mary from The Classy Cubicle.

Here are a few of my favorite looks: 

dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Clean house, clear mind.

So here's a (pretty simple) cleaning schedule. I've posted a part of this before, but thought it would be fun, and helpful, to do a longer schedule with monthly chores (and chores you can postpone even a bit longer, yay!). 
Of course, this is just what works for me/for us, you're free to do it any other way Emotion: wink

- make your bed
- hang up any left clothes (and coats) and put away shoes and bags
- clean your desk, coffee- and dinner table(s)
- do the dishes
- wipe up spills

Every other day
- sweep and/or vacuum (especially when you have pets, right now I have to vacuum every day)
- scrub sink(s)
- make sure your toilet is clean
- wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters
- put everything in place (were it belongs)

- do laundry
- change sheets
- disinfect everything you touch on a daily basis (phone, keyboard, doorknobs etc.)
- mop all floors
- scrub and disinfect the entire bathroom (toilet, bathroom-floor, sinks)
- do your administration, pay bills, sort out & throw away stuff
- take out garbage

- declutter a different room or closet every month and get rid of everything you're not using or just don't like anymore (sell, give away to friends/family or donate)
- clean paintings, mirrors, bookshelves and surfaces you don't clean on a daily basis
- clean fridge and cabinets

Every three months
- wash pillows
- declutter your closet
- wash windows (or maybe every half year is good enough :-)

My most important tip for keeping your house clean and tidy is to remember that your house is not a storage box, give every room a purpose and try to get rid of things in time. Like when you buy new magazines, give or throw a few older ones away. The same goes for pretty much everything; buy new make-up or clothes, get rid of some other/older pieces.
Storage boxes are handy but make sure you know what's in them and don't just use them to put thing away that you don't actually need (or want).
Definately try not to throw items that are reusable or still in very good condition in the garbage, see if someone else could use it, take it a thrift shop or donate it to a charity.  

Just a cute drawing:-) Happy Tuesday!

source: lily-cats.tumblr.com/ 

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

New bag!

When I came from work my mommy and niece were having coffee in a small café and I decided to stop by. But first I did a small pitstop at two stores and I scored this cute bag for only €8,99! I think it's a classy bag and I love this color for fall. 

donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Forest Chair (I know, something totally different)

When I was in The Hague visiting a museum in Schevingen and shopping with my mommy and aunt, we came accros this 'brand' in a store. And I fell in love imediately with these forest inspired furniture and interior-accessories. A bit (well, much) above my budget but so(!) pretty! It would look good in different interiors, from something really classic to a more modern loft. This collection is called 'The Forest Leaf Collection' and the artist got it's inspiration from different textures around the world. 
Here's what Michael Aram, the American artist/designer says about the collection; "I believe everybody has an emotional response when they see natural objects. They are part of all of us. I imagine coming across this chair in the middle of the forest, growing right out of the ground, perhaps a bird or a leaf resting on it. It has such a strong sense of the natural world but for me." 

The special thing about these items is that they are actually natural twigs casted in polished aluminum.

woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Dress for less

Thinking about ordering this grey basic dress with a twist (literally:-). Looking good doesn't have to be expensive (€29,95)! 

zondag 17 augustus 2014

Jackets & Blazers oh my... (budget buy)

I love nice jackets/blazers, they can give your (simple) outfit an instant upgrade from plain to classy or glamorous. I like to wear them with jeans or a jersey dress. What do you think of this real cutie? Such a steal for only €35,98, right?! Buy it here.

zondag 10 augustus 2014

My favorite youtube-bloggers/vloggers

I have a few favorite youtubers/bloggers/vloggers who I really like. So I thought it would be fun to share. 

1. Christine of Pink So Foxy.

I did a post with one of her videos before. She's amazing with organizing and DIY projects. I especially love to watch how she organises closets or 'follow a day in the life' (vlog) of their lives in Maui, Hawaii. Her videos/ DIY projects are truly made with love. 
Here's her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/pinksofoxy
And her blog: http://www.pinksofoxy.com/

2. Lauren Curtis of Laurenbeautyy.

She is such an amazing make-up artist! I love here make-up routines and she explains everything really well. If you compare her to other MUA's, she's actually one of the best! I really like here eyes and eyebrow routines. 
youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/laurenbeautyy

3. Rachel from Rachhloves.

Honest, funny, pretty. A yummy mummy, who blogs on a variety of subjects from cleaning, to shopvlogs, to how to be confident. A lot of bloggers/youtubers seem to have this perfect life/home/closet, well she's a little bit more honest and shows you the mess it sometimes can be at home. Funny (like I said) and cute!
youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RachhLoves

4. Mascha from beautygloss.nl

I'm not that much into make-up and beauty items so I really like the shift from being mainly a beauty-blogger to a more personal blog. I find watching her vlogs so relaxing, I like to watch them at breakfast or when I get home from work. I think her DIY project are more for schoolgirls (I think they're a bit boring) but the vlogs are nice. 
youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/beautygloss

dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 5.

What are your happy things/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came accros on the internet.

- 60 years of marriage for my granddad and grandmom. How cute! 
- all about the dresses; the dress I've worn to the party/brunch of my grandparents and the dress I will be wearing to our friends wedding. 
- vintage and antiques we've shopped in France
- smoothies 
- sun 
- brushing the dog 
- more that 80 likes for our FB page!

dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Treasure hunt

We've been in France (Bourgogne) for the last few days. And despite all the rain, or perhaps because of, we've visited a few antique- and flea markets. Here are a few of our buys; an antique coffin used for sending items overseas, a white mirror, a beautiful bedspread with floral (roses) print and a portret of a young boy. These items will all be sold! For our new home, since we're probably moving in september, we bought an ancient chandelier in gold with crystals. 

Are you also looking for an unique addition to your interior? A (vintage) treasure or something antique? Keep an eye on our FB page for more updates! 

dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 4.

What are your happy things/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came accros on the internet.

- almost holiday
- uploading pictures on our (companies') FB page 
- making a shopping list for our company. Hopefully we'll find some nice things (antiques/vintage) in France
- road tripping to France, music on, delicious food, great company and ofcourse lots of water. Even our dog somehow loves beeing in the car. 
- thankfully a co-worker/friend took over my shift on saturday (09 aug.) because I have a wedding to attend:)

The White Dress

I've featured a blue and red dress this month. So eventually I had to do a white dress as well. This one is really beautiful and feminine. You can wear it to the office, just make sure you wear a nice cardigan or blazer and not to festive heels. To a party or dinner you can combine it with whatever you like, that's what makes a dress like this so versatile. Color blocking heels, plain black or a pair of nudes. It's all possible! Just don't wear it to a wedding;)
Buy the dress here. 

dinsdag 15 juli 2014

Ultimate red dress (stop staring;)

It's not that hard to find a perfect red dress, obviously! I love this one, worn by Carmen Elektra, Nigella Lawson and Caro Emerald. Doesn't that scream 'bombshell dress'? The brand is called 'Stop Staring' which makes it even more clear; this is a head turner show stopper or whatever you want to call it. 
The price is a little high, but for me it's a dress i would love to be saving up for (it might be a perfect birthday dress, even though my birthday isn't until december). 
Buy the dress here (USD) or have a look here (EUR) for even more pictures (also of the previously mentioned stars wearing this dress). 

Happy Tuesday - celebrate the little things 3.

What are your happy thing/thoughts or moments? 

Here are the little things that make me happy. Little things I did, bought (or got as a gift), accomplished or just came accros on the internet.

- having my brother over for dinner
- got a beautiful dress as a gift from my mommy 
- walking the dog in the sun 
- ice coffee! 
- the facebook page of our company :) 
- having fun with my boyfriend, as always 

maandag 7 juli 2014


Deep dark blue, what a beautiful classy color for a dress like this! They sell it in black as well, but honestly I thought that one is kind of boring. Hopefully this dress will come in one of these days (obviously I ordered it already), I'm very curious if it's just as pretty in real life. I'm looking forward to styling it with different shoes and accessories and I might be wearing it to a wedding.