donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Forest Chair (I know, something totally different)

When I was in The Hague visiting a museum in Schevingen and shopping with my mommy and aunt, we came accros this 'brand' in a store. And I fell in love imediately with these forest inspired furniture and interior-accessories. A bit (well, much) above my budget but so(!) pretty! It would look good in different interiors, from something really classic to a more modern loft. This collection is called 'The Forest Leaf Collection' and the artist got it's inspiration from different textures around the world. 
Here's what Michael Aram, the American artist/designer says about the collection; "I believe everybody has an emotional response when they see natural objects. They are part of all of us. I imagine coming across this chair in the middle of the forest, growing right out of the ground, perhaps a bird or a leaf resting on it. It has such a strong sense of the natural world but for me." 

The special thing about these items is that they are actually natural twigs casted in polished aluminum.

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