dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Clean house, clear mind.

So here's a (pretty simple) cleaning schedule. I've posted a part of this before, but thought it would be fun, and helpful, to do a longer schedule with monthly chores (and chores you can postpone even a bit longer, yay!). 
Of course, this is just what works for me/for us, you're free to do it any other way Emotion: wink

- make your bed
- hang up any left clothes (and coats) and put away shoes and bags
- clean your desk, coffee- and dinner table(s)
- do the dishes
- wipe up spills

Every other day
- sweep and/or vacuum (especially when you have pets, right now I have to vacuum every day)
- scrub sink(s)
- make sure your toilet is clean
- wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters
- put everything in place (were it belongs)

- do laundry
- change sheets
- disinfect everything you touch on a daily basis (phone, keyboard, doorknobs etc.)
- mop all floors
- scrub and disinfect the entire bathroom (toilet, bathroom-floor, sinks)
- do your administration, pay bills, sort out & throw away stuff
- take out garbage

- declutter a different room or closet every month and get rid of everything you're not using or just don't like anymore (sell, give away to friends/family or donate)
- clean paintings, mirrors, bookshelves and surfaces you don't clean on a daily basis
- clean fridge and cabinets

Every three months
- wash pillows
- declutter your closet
- wash windows (or maybe every half year is good enough :-)

My most important tip for keeping your house clean and tidy is to remember that your house is not a storage box, give every room a purpose and try to get rid of things in time. Like when you buy new magazines, give or throw a few older ones away. The same goes for pretty much everything; buy new make-up or clothes, get rid of some other/older pieces.
Storage boxes are handy but make sure you know what's in them and don't just use them to put thing away that you don't actually need (or want).
Definately try not to throw items that are reusable or still in very good condition in the garbage, see if someone else could use it, take it a thrift shop or donate it to a charity.  

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