dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

I ❤ blogging

creative outlet❤ a whole website filled with things that I like and love ❤ writing ❤ browsing through webshops ❤ getting inspiration from others ❤ learning from articles and DIY's ❤ updating my knowledge ❤ great when I'm bored at work ❤ beeing productive  reading other blogs and beeing updatet with everything from political news to trends/fashion❤ working from home ❤ getting to know other bloggers ❤ fun ❤ beeing able to promote my favorites from restaurants in Paris to budget-friendly dresses to friends/family/followers ❤ seeing people reading and liking the articles I wrote ❤ getting a sweet response or compliment ❤ interaction ❤ sharing my passion  having (and developing) my own style❤ seeing my blog and number of followers grow ❤ online and personal scrapbook  sharing my opinion and personal thoughts ❤ working on my writing skills ❤ no obligations; having a writers block? Tomorrow is a new day ❤ 

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