vrijdag 13 februari 2015

If I were a celebrity ....

♥ I would hire a personal trainer  and hairdresser  I would develop my own perfume(s), I really like the scent of caramel, vanille, roses and cotton candy (so it would be a very sweet and girly perfume)  I wouldn't mind beeing the face (or actually feet) of Pretty Ballerinas  and would love to have a stylish little handbag named after me  I would be the ambassador/ spokesperson of different charities  I would buy my red-carpet dress if I really loved it (they're usually borrowed)  ♥ I would share my wealth  and all the free products I got send ♥ I would love to wear my favorite brands more often  creating my own clothing line (dresses ofcourse)  and making sure I can speak multiple languages, I mean I'd probably get invited everywhere and have to talk to the press  I would know what happens in the world and use my voice and knowledge to be a great role model ♥ 

Actually, I wouldn't be that different! I would still be with my lovely boyfriend, I would still love my sweet pets, I won't be the party animal you see with a bottle of booze in her hand, dancing on a table, I would probably still keep on blogging as an creative outlet ;-)

What would you do? And why would you become famous (acting, singing, politics)? 

1 opmerking:

  1. would love to be famous and able to use my voice to help great charities too - that's a great one on this list.