dinsdag 19 november 2013

Winter season ♥

♥ bake cookies and cupcakes ♥ the Christmas cd by Michael Bublé on repeat ♥ winter-wonderland ♥ Christmas with our family ♥ NYE ♥ my 25th birthday ♥ watching our favorite wintermovies ♥ hot chocolatemilk ♥ watching Gossip Girl again ♥ adopting a dog ♥ making plans for the new year ♥  lots of candles ♥ unpacking the Christmas/holiday decorations ♥ buying a Christmas-tree and decorating it ♥ dinner and drinks with friends ♥ going on vacation to Lanzarote ♥ holiday-outfits and offcourse my birthday outfit ♥ lots of fruit and vegetables to stay healthy ♥ update my blog ♥ cute gloves ♥ everything cashmere ♥ red nail polish ♥ snow ♥ hoping for a new season to start  soon....(with lots of sun!)

What do you like most about this season and what's on your to do list?

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