maandag 8 juni 2015

Favorite videos - June 2015

I've done a few posts on 'favorite youtube-videos', or my favorite youtube-vloggers/bloggers. But here's a little update! I really love watching different videos on Youtube from make-up tutorials to DIY projects or house-renovations. What is your favorite subject in youtube-videos? Or do you have any vloggers or youtube-channels you like to follow or have a look at in a daily basis? 

Here are a few videos I've recently watched (and really enjoyed)! Hope you'll love them too! 

  Bedroom decoration.  
and here's another one.

  Make-up tutorials.  
This one is by my favorite MUA; Lauren Curtis.
And last but not least, one more:
Can you tell I like elegant, soft make-up looks?  


  Work out routine.   


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