dinsdag 18 februari 2014

Dog adoption #puppylove part 1.

We've been wanting a dog to expand our little family for quite a while now. Living in Antwerp didn't provide the perfect conditions to keep a dog as a pet because we were living at an appartment on the fifth floor. Besides that, there wasn't much nature (parks, forests, ponds etc.) around, or we had to drive somewhere or walk an hour. Living back in Tilburg (Netherlands) had made this decision a lot easier. We have a (small) house with a garden and a huge park nearby. They even do puppy-courses in the park. Perfect for a dog!
We might be moving somewhere in the near future, but we're looking for bigger houses with a slightly bigger garden as well. 
Last year we've adopted our baby Fleur (a cat). She's nowhere near a baby, but definately acts like one;) And while people think cats and dogs don't get along, they usually do! You just have to be carefull and let them get to 'know each other'. We always have had cats and dogs together when I grew up. Offcourse there are a few do's and don'ts but it shouldn't be a a problem if you don't make it a problem! 
Like I said in a previous post, we're trying to adopt a dog trough this charity organisation who helps shelters and stray dogs (and cats) from Spain, Greece and Romania. In those countries a lot of animals are still treated like their existance means nothing. They get chased, mistreated, and even killed.
Tonight were meeting up with the 'foster' home were dog 'Saartje' stays. I'm so curious to see that little dog after the pictures and films they had send us. Saartje came from Romania from a 'killingstation' where they kill stray dogs. Luckily she got rescued in time by a Greek shelter, but since they didn't have enough room to keep all the dogs they rescued they worked together with charities and other shelters all over Europe. 

I'll keep you posted whether we'll be proud owners/parents of dog Saartje tonight! 

Edit note: We've adopted Saartje. She's doing very well, but still (offcourse) has to get used to our new house. She loves the cat, but Fleur is still a little shy. 

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