woensdag 22 april 2015


This is something that definately makes me think about what my hobbies/passions are and what I would love to do and/or accomplish in life. What would your dream job be like? What are your hobbies right now and what would you like to be doing (maybe in the future)? I find it very hard to name one actual hobby at the moment. For a long time I would have said; blogging. But at the moment, I'm having some sort of writers block. I love to look at other blogs, follow several vloggers on youtube but it seems that it just doesn't bring me the inspiration for creating my own articles, blogs or collages. With that beeing said, I'm very happy at the moment! I just made a promotion at work, I'm a great relationship (and have been for the past years), I have a lovely house and garden and adorable pets. So 'finding' a real hobby should, to me, not be something you're looking for but something you come accross that makes you happy while you're doing it. 
Anyway, I do agree with this quote. I think, your job is a very big part of your life and therefor should be something that, besides making you get a paycheck in the end of the month, at least you don't hate doing... And working out in any way, from swimming to horsebackriding or running and doing something creative are great additions in making you healthy & happy and increasing your quality of life!  

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