woensdag 1 april 2015

How to be a perfect host

Having people over for a dinner-, party of do they sleep over? Here's a few tips on how to be a 'perfect host'! 

 ♥ Ask your guest if they have any allergies or dislikes when it comes to food and drinks, and keep that in mind when you go shopping or start cooking ;-)  have enough food an drinks, it's always better to buy and/or make a little extra than have your guest leave with an empty stomage!  Are your guests ok with pets? Or are they allergic? Vacuum and sweep the floor extra beforehand and keep the pets away from your guests  Know how to set a table, and put a little extra attention in decoration (especially when everyone is staying over for a holiday)  Is your toilet/ bathroom clean? Stock up on toilet papier and other toiletries anyone might need ♥ Music should suit the occasion and shouldn't be that loud so that no-one can carry on a conversation  ♥  Are they sleeping over as well? Always have crispy clean bed-linnen extra (clean) towels and more than enough pillows, sheets and blankets. Nobody should be cold at night!  Make everyone feel welcome, special and appreciated. That means spending time with your guest(s) and giving them your full attention  ♥ Thank your guest(s) for coming over! 

What are your tips/suggestions on beeing a great host? 

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