vrijdag 11 april 2014

How to wrap your gift like a pro...

This may seem a strange subject for a blogpost right now (you know, after all the holidays) but since it is one of my goals to learn 'how to perfectly wrap a gift', I thought it would be fun to share what I've found out (and came accros on the world wide web:-). 

First of all, it's obvious there are a few things you need to wrap your gift beautifully:
- the gift (never forget the present itself...); 
- gift wrapping paper, but you can also use newspapers, fabric or wallpaper. Anything beautiful (that you can fold) will be perfect; 
- ribbon that matches your paper and other accessories (ornaments to match the gift- or holiday theme);  
- scissors; 
- scotch tape, or double-sided tape is even better! 

Offcourse the gift should be super awesome to avoid dissapointment after anyone opened up your carefully and beautiful created packaging. But other than that, a beautiful package is already a really nice gesture and makes someone feel special. 
If you want to impress someone you should make sure the wrapping paper matches the gift or (even better) the personality of the person who receives the gift. There are, for example, amazing giftpaper-books with themes like 1920's fashion, floral prints, art deco or even persian designs. But an old ground plan or anything ecological would be nice as well.
Make sure to pack strangely formed objects in a box to make it easier to gift-wrap it. Or try the packing way from the video below, that looks really beautiful as well and is not too complicated. 

These two videos show the most basic ways to wrap your gift.

And this one shows how to wrap a gift that doesn't come in a square box (any different shape). 

So, here's everything you'll need. Good luck!


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