dinsdag 8 april 2014

Linen closet

I have to say, our linen closet is a mess. Behind closed doors you can easily hide your towels, bedding and everything else and it ends up not being a pretty sight. I always love it when I open the closet door (or a cabinet) and there are some pretty looking and well-organised shelves. So maybe next time when we (or just I) have a couple of days off cleaning out and re-organising our linen closet will be one of the projects on my to do list. 
This video from (amazing!) blogger, DIY- and organising expert 'Pink So Foxy' is super inspiring!
Go to here website or youtube canal for more (way more!) video's on DIY projects, closet tours etc.! 

When the boyfriend and I started living together we bought everything new; towels, bedsheets, pillows, matrass etc. After 2,5 years though it seems like it is time for new towels. The colors (white and black) and the figures (little crowns with rhinestones) are not as pretty anymore and they used to be much softer. How long have you had your towels? And what colors do you like? I'm not really crazy about hard colors, I love pastels for household stuff and linen. Anything monogrammed ads a little bit more luxury but just plain white (really white) and fluffy towels are just as gorgeous. 

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