maandag 21 april 2014

Saartje, Happy Easter, Dinner table

I thought this photo was too funny not to share. Our dog Saartje was trying to 'talk' back, I think here face is so cute! 

Yesterday we had a lovely easter brunch with the family, and then went for a long walk trough Den Bosch (a city nearby). Today the boyfriend and I are going to do a little cleaning and starting on new tables (dinner and coffeetable) for ourselves to use for our portfolio and advertising. I loved this picture we received of a happy costumer who bought our white dinner table. Such a great way to style the dining area. 
Maybe we're going to a flea market today as well, but I love the fact we have nothing planned. What are you going to do today? And how did you spend your weekend? 
Happy Easter! 

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