vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Favorite Youtube-channels 'du jour'...

These are my favorite Youtube- vloggers/bloggers at the moment! 

The Daily Connoisseur.
From a capsule wardrobe to hair tutorials to how to live your live with poise and elegance. I love this youtube channel by Jennifer Lauren Scott, who also wrote different books about an 'elegant lifestyle'. 

Christine Kobzeff.
Former 'Pink So Foxy' has been a long time favorite for me. I love this youtube channel, especially the DIY projects and room make-overs. She and her husband are so skilled when it comes to creating and making things for in and around the house. 

Carrie LeighAnna.
I've blogged about her before. I love watching her talk, she's so cute! I really like the tips on how to be a minimalist in your wardrobe and home and I also feel like she gives great advice when it comes to living a simple but happy life. 

Rachel makes me smile. Her vlogs and tutorials are funny and clever and she gives an honest opinion about, well, everything! 

Sometimes she acts a little too much as 'the teacher' but the tips on how to organize your space/kitchen/closet/whatever are great and usefull. 

Coco has a great fashion sense and also blogs/vlogs about minimalism. I really liked her last video about moving and can't wait for the next update! 

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