dinsdag 10 maart 2015

The babies.


Some pictures just because they're the cutest (as every 'pet parent' would say). 

I can't walk outside for 10 min with Saar (our dog) without someone asking if he/she can pet her. Everyone thinks she's so cute, soft, fluffy and sweet. And yes, luckily for us, she is! She is a kind dog and usally really likes the attention.
Also, our cat does too! She doesn't get out of our house and garden (we live at a busy street) but she really likes it when we are at home ourselves or have visitors. The thing she loves the most is watching me do my make-up or blowdrying my hair or something like that. She likes to watch and sometimes falls asleep. Isn't that sweet? She seems to think watching me (or my boyfriend) is calming, even when we just do some household chores she loves to be near and watch us. 

Do you have any pets? And what are they like? 

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