donderdag 12 maart 2015


You want to wake up looking all perfect and Instagram-worthy? Well these 5 tips might help a little! 

1. Always remove your make-up! Didn't you mom already teach you that? Still, it takes a minute or two to properly remove your make-up. When I'm tired I just use some make-up remover wipes and then a wash cloth with some cold water. 
2. Use a nice thick layer of (night) cream. Even on your hands, neck and clevage to restore damaged skin. I like to use vitamin C or E serum/ drops or cream. 
3. A silk or satin pillow case can help prevent wrinkles and damaged hair.
4. I like to put my hair up in a loose bun and then pull on my hair in the front for extra volume. This tric helps me waking up with beautiful hair with lots and lots of volume. Don't really get what I mean? Watch this video clip (and forward to the part were she shows you how to put your hair up). 
5. Get enough sleep! Make sure your bedroom is a quiet place without too much distractions. 

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