dinsdag 20 januari 2015

30 things 'to do' in 5 minutes or less!

Here are 30(!) things you can do in 5 minutes or less. This means you can finish 6 'chores' in 30 minutes. Doesn't that make you feel super efficient? 

1. clean out your handbag
2. delete old documents/photos/apps or other trash from your laptop or phone
3. delete old (or not working) bookmarks from your internet browser
4. empty or load the dishwasher
5. make your bed
6. brush your teeth
7. pay a bill (or multiple) and put some money in your savings- account
8. sort and delete mail
9. put laundry in your washing machine
10. make a to do list
11. make a grocery list
12. take a walk around the block
13. send a (e-) card or handwritten thank you note
14. take out the trash 
15. remove your make up
16. clean your desk or dinner table
17. unsubscribe from unwanted mailings
18. clean the screen of your phone/laptop or your keyboard
19. clean the sink or the toilet
20. make a smoothie
21. make appointments (with the dentist, or your hairdresser)
22. remove old nail polish
23. clean your wallet
24. watch one of your favorite vlogs, movie trailer or a video-clip on youtube
25. do some squats
26. clean the cats' litterbox
27. start on your business plan or '101 in 1001 days'-list 
28. wish someone a nice day
29. sign a online petition
 ♥  light a candle, pour yourself some tea and relax! 

Thank you Mackenzie for inspiring me with yet another great list (check out my 101 in 1001 days-list). Find her original post on 25 chores in 5 minutes here.

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  1. Ja eigenlijk wel handig. Je kan zo veel in korte tijd doen en je voelt je er altijd beter door!