zondag 4 januari 2015


What a beauty, this LRL (Lauren, Ralph Lauren) bag!
I've had my portion of designer bags for this year (and probably the next) since I've got another 'Alma' by Louis Vuitton for my birthday (yes, I got spoiled!). I've had one, well still have actually, but it really needed replacement. And I have to say, the Alma model is my favorite bag ever, classic, timeless and 'she' combines so well with every outfit.
But this one would be 'allright' too ;-) Ralph Lauren is a great brand and perfect if you want to accomplish a classy (-business or classy-preppy) look. I really like this timeless model in solid black leather with golden details, I mean black and gold is always good right? The bag closure reminds me of an ancient/antique bag or wallet.

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