donderdag 1 januari 2015

New Years Resolutions.

♥ spend less money on groceries ♥ eat more fruits ♥ and more fish ♥ go (more) often to boxing-class ♥ try out new recipes ♥ watch a few documentaries  lose (a little extra) weight ;-) ♥ more DIY-projects ♥ use less heat/styling-tools on my hair re-upholster our dining room chairs ♥ buy a new couch ♥ send more (handwritten) cards ♥ learn to play my favorite song(s) on the piano (again) ♥ donate money/clothes/food to charity ♥ visit another museum ♥ and a concert  ♥ read more books ♥ visit Paris, Antwerp and another great city (hopefully New York) ♥ keep on blogging! 

And ofcourse I'm working on finishing, the rest, of my '101 in 1001 days' list. What are your resolutions/goals for this year? 

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