maandag 5 januari 2015

How to grow your hair: superfast & superlong. The ultimate hand (or hair)-guide.

So here are my tips on how to grow your hair faster, longer and healthier. I've combined them from different articles, blogs and youtube-videos but mostly out of my own experiences.

Healthy from the inside out:

- Eat your veggies, fruits and extra vitamins. There are so many special vitamin and mineral supplements for healthy hair (and hair growth).
- Drink lots of water to cleanse yourself from the inside. Lots of water = smooth skin and hair.
- I know people are often scared of oils. But you need some oils like fish-oil, olive/almond or coconut. You can even use these last ones as a hair mask. 
- Try to stay away from cigarettes and everything else that can be damaging for your health. 
- Massages can help stimulate the blood and oxygen-circulation. So a body massage and/or a scalp massage is always a good idea!


- Try to wash your hair only once or twice a week. Everytime you wash your hair you're removing all the natural oils, so obviously you should do this as less as possible. A dry shampoo in between washes is your rescue! Dry-shampoo is also great to add a little extra volume and texture, for example when you want to create a beautiful updo. 
- Use a shampoo with as little as possible harmful substances. Try something for damaged hair or even baby-shampoo.
- When you rinse your hair, try not to rub too hard but only gently massage your scalp. The hair ends usually get washed anyway when you rinse out the shampoo.
- Conditioner on the other hand should be used especially on the hair ends. Because these are the oldest, most dry and your scalp already produces enough natural oils. Using conditioner on your scalp could cause your hair to get greasy and heavy.
- Use a hair mask once a week. 
- Rinse your hair out with cold water (or run some cold water over your hair after rinsing, like in the sink if you can't bare the cold water in the shower).
- Don't use a brush when your hair is still wet. Let it air dry or use a wide-teeth comb (or even better; use your fingers). 

'No heat' hairstyles:

- It isn't a secret that using (lots) of heat on your hair causes damage and breakage. Which means your hair can't really grow as much and probably doesn't look and feel as healthy as possible. So try to minimize (or cut out completely) all the heat from blowdryers and styling tools.
- And if you use any heat, always use a heat protection! My favorites are the ones by Biosilk or CHI.
- If you still want to style your hair; check out Youtube-vlogs for straight hair, curls or whatever 'without heat' and there's a lot to find.

Last but not least:

- Sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case helps to prevent hair-damage and also helps to keep your hairstyle in perfect shape. Silky straight locks stay straight, while curls don't get frizzy. Did you know silk pillow cases can even prevent your skin from wrinkles? Buy your satin pillow case here.  
- Get your hair cut once in a while, especially when you have dry/damaged and/or split ends. But you definitely don't have to visit your hair dresser too often. Websites (and hairdressers) advise you to go every six weeks but this is actually too much if you ask me. Your hair won't grow any faster after a cut, it just looks and feels a little healthier. 
- Protect your hair from the sun, this should be obvious. You protect your skin, why not your hair? 

What's your secret for long, healthy and shiny locs? 

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  1. Het lukt mij gewoon niet om lang haar te krijgen. Al sinds ik een klein meisje was had ik problemen met het groeien van mijn haren. Ik heb heel weerbarstig haar en dat blijft een klein probleempje. Gelukkig weet ik dat ik goed voor mijn haar zorg, ik was het inderdaad nooit vaker dan 2 keer per week (en het blijft vaak bij maar 1x), laat het drogen aan de lucht, gebruik bijna nooit hittebronnen zoals föhn of stijltang en ik gebruik babyshampoo. Ach denk ik dan maar: sommige dingen lukken iets beter bij mij, dan andere dingen. Mijn haar blijft een puntje van aandacht, altijd. Ik heb trouwens nog nooit een zijden kussen aangeschaft, dat zou misschien nog een mogelijkheid zijn :)

  2. great tips! xx